The end of Texas (for us)


The sun has riz.

The sun has set.

And here we is.

In Texas yet.

This little ditty pretty much sums up our experience in Texas.  When the sun did rise, it seldom offered any sunshine.  We had rain and cloudy skies nearly every day in Texas.  It took us a total of of 3 weeks to get through Texas.  Of course, there was a delay for family matters- but still……. this is one huge state!

We ended the Texas run with an overnight in Galveston.  We found out that the Texas DOT (which operates the ferry system) would not let our van on board with ANY visible auxiliary tanks.  So we spent an expensive night at a fancy RV park in Galvestoncamped in Galveston, The next morning we hid the two gas tanks and the minion propane tank under the bed inside the van.  They only check the outside of the vehicle.  With the tanks hidden, we were able to get on the ferry.riding a ferry in Texason the texas ferrytexas ferry

After the ferry ride, Mike climbed up and replaced the tanks replacing tanks after ferry ride and then we continued on through the refinery zone of Texas.   refinery on horizonrefinery1refinery2

Then we crossed a bridge over the inter coastal waterway, which took us 200 feet up!  200 ft tall bridge leaving texasAnd when we came down, we were in Louisiana.  The first bumper sticker I saw in Louisiana was worthy of a photo…….

kids who hunt and fish dont steal and deal This state is going to be fun!

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