April 2021

A little time in the USA reminded us that not everything needs to be supersized!  We sold Big Bertha the Safari Trek and combined a Chevrolet truck with a Lance camper. Then the Chevrolet truck started giving us trouble.  So we sold the truck and transferred the Lance to a Dodge truck.  This smaller package was excellent.

USA rig version 2.1

Lance truck campers have been in production for many years.  It is well-regarded as a hearty, sturdy rig, especially the older ones.  Here are a few details about the camper.

We found the camper in Phoenix, Arizona using Craigslist.  The seller was getting rid of it because his homeowners association was hassling him and he didn’t feel it was worth fighting.  We were happy to score a good deal.

Right away we went to work customizing it.  Mike added  solar panels, solar controller, inverter and batteries.  The camper was ready for boon docking.  Then we updated the interior look with some paint, slipcovers and window treatments.

Here are photos of the Lance camper, before, during and after.



These changes gave us the look we wanted. The dogs were ready to go!



2 thoughts on “LANCE CAMPER- USA RIG 2.0 & 2.1

  1. Glad you have a home more your style.
    We have a similar rig.
    We took out the table and built a cushion to make the. Couch wider. With lots of pillows it makes it super comfortable.
    Since we mostly eat out of bowls we don’t miss the table.
    Happy travels!
    Enjoy your blog been following for years!
    For a new pod cast try The Mind Unset.

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