Guanajuato- continued

While we are hanging out with our friends The Slow Dutchman , we will spend some time exploring the city of Guanajuato.  The four of us (and three dogs) rented a house for several weeks and enrolled in Spanish language school.  For fun, we signed up for a food tour and walked around the city sampling delicious foods and learning … More Guanajuato- continued

Florida finale’

We whipped around the tip of the peninsula and had an amazing time!  Our toes got stuck in the sand for several days in The Keys.  And then we dashed up the East coast of The Sunshine State as things started heating up.  The photos below will tell the story of the Florida finale’ through … More Florida finale’

Hot water to go-

While we were camped in New Orleans we did not have access to a shower. This gave us an opportunity to use the Aqua Cube unit again. The Aqua Cube was purchased online from a “survivalist” store, but it is available through many online stores. It came with a storage bag and all the lines and … More Hot water to go-

Houston, it’s a wrap!

We spent our last few days in Houston meeting some great people, eating some good food and seeing some interesting places.  Here are a few of our highlights! Among the Tex-Mex dishes we sampled, this one left a mark.  A stuffed, fried avocado!! This is a half of an avocado, peeled.  Stuffed with chunks of seasoned … More Houston, it’s a wrap!