The list of modifications of the VW Van

Many of these modifications are described in a post elsewhere on this website.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the SEARCH feature to locate key words. (* asterisk indicates that a post has been dedicated to this topic)

1985 VW Vanagon

Westfalia/AdventureWagen blend

Bostig engine conversion

Awning*– 10 ft Fiamma awning mounted on passenger side using GoWesty awning brackets.  The awning also has a custom-made room enclosure.  This is three canvas walls with zippered doors and screen windows.  We also carry a baffle which fits between the tires to close off the area under the van when the room is assembled.

Back up camera- Installed for safer reverse motion in blind spots and security when needing to see who is back there.

Bed- Standard VW z-bed with 3-inch memory foam topper and feather bed topper. Folds from sofa to bed in moments. Bench has been recovered in high grade fabric.

Boxes *– Front box from Harbor Freight placed onto steel tray created in Mexico, welded to frame. Front box holds tools and equipment. Back box by Aluminess and modified to fit on GoWesty rack in rear. Back box protects fuel/water cans and provides a rack.

Brakes – All new brakes and rotors on all 4 wheels. New master cylinder and slave cylinder.

Cabinets/Organization*– Rear closet doors modified to sliding doors. Refrigerator removed to increase pantry space. Cabinets above water tank made deeper for library and storage. Custom spice rack installed above stove/sink area. Bread box installed above cabinets. Storage space above cab insulated and vented with custom racks for kitchen supplies. Peg boards installed on unused portions of side, windows upper and lower. Rear closet door with custom shelves by Rhino Design Studios.

Console*- Custom fit box made by Rhino Design Studios, provides cup holders and storage drawer with light.

Cooling system (engine)- Replaced 2 speed fan motor, new radiator, new thermostat.

Curtains- Custom homemade black out curtains all the way around interior. Heavy-duty front window curtain by Sewfine.   Custom windshield wrap (external) with roll up screens on passenger windows. Also screens (Skeeter Beater) for all windows and snap in screen door for slider door. Many windows have been deleted with paint, insulation and pegboard.

CV’s – New axle and CV joints on passenger side. Spare axles on board for use as needed.

Dash- Custom Dashmat with VW accessory tray drilled in. Truckers fan mounted to dash.  Various toys and items decorating dash area.  LED GoWesty dash light kit for bright gauges.

Data gauge- Mounted on dash links to motor to provides engine temp, MPG, RPMs, oil pressure and other info on engine performance. Made by Ultra Gauge with Bostig link system.

Electrical*- Dual battery system. Solar panel batter charging system set up by AT Overland Equipment. Battery isolator switch.  Dual port battery charger. Numerous custom interior lights and fans.

Engine* – Bostig conversion – 2005 ford 2.0 ltr dohc motor.  Crate motor installed December 2015. THE BEST IMPROVEMENT EVER~~

Exterior- Decorated with signs from Germany and various old VW emblems. Also reflective tape to increase highway visibility. Stickers from destinations around North America.

Fans- Three fans are mounted in the van.  Two in rear sleeping area and one on the dash.  These are standard 12v trucker-style fans.  We also carry a portable 12v Endless Breeze fan to move air as needed.

Gas tank– Removed in 2015, cleaned and serviced.  Replaced all gaskets, seals and installed a new pump.

Grill– South African-style grill and light kit with 100 watt off-road lights. Lower grill removed, replaced with metal mesh for improved air flow.  Peace sign emblem mounted on center circle.

Heater*– We use a portable Wave 3 catalytic heater which mounts in the slider window.  The propane lines run on the outside of the van to the spare propane tank.  We carry an o2 sensor on board. (see write-up on blog)

Interior lights– Map lights in cab above seats (JC Whitney) and over sofa (original VW) AdventureWagen light in fiberglass top and pressure activated light over slider door (modified original VW dome light). Small pushbutton lights mounted in cabinets/closet.  LED strip lighting in bed area, LED strip lighting in overhead cabinet, LED strip lighting under spice rack above stove/sink.  Also LED strip mounted to awning case for outdoor lighting.

Ladder 1 and 2 – Custom designed ladder by MHA Creations is mounted to front end, over windshield to access roof rack on top. Old RV ladder adapted and placed on the side is used to secure the sand tracks.

Netting- Various stretch nets from Organized Obie that can be mounted to keep dogs in van, keep dogs away from bedding, keep bins above the beds and store items overhead in the cabin.  NOTE- These products stretch out of shape with constant use.  We have replaced them in several locations, with non-stretchy netting.

Parts storage*– Custom designed parts storage bin located underneath front end of van (former clamshell for spare tire) doubles as skid plate. Designed and built by MHA Creations.

Propane* – Spare 10lb tank mounted on passenger side rear (painted like Hippie Minion). Original propane tank fittings upgraded to run in-line accessories such as catalytic heater, water heater, bbq grill and on-demand water heater.

Recovery gear*- TREDs sand tracks, come-along, Hi-lift jack, shovel, strap, good sense…

Roof rack- Purchased roof rack has been reworked with mounting legs to attach to awning brackets and front ladder.

Safe (locking document storage)- Fireproof/waterproof safe mounted in niche under bed. Chain attaches safe to body.

Seats*– Leather captains chairs from a new VW Routan with arm rests and swivel bases.

Shocks –  New Koni shocks on all 4 corners to help with weight and stability

Solar–  See “electrical” above.

Springs – GoWesty heavy-duty springs (increased height 1.5 inches to help with added weight and stability)

Steering wheel- 1973 VW sedan “Beetle” 4 arm steering wheel with Wheelskins custom leather wrap.

Stove- Custom VW burners installed on stove rack.

Stand Up Paddle Board– Inflatable SUP by Saturn features 3 fins for stability and a textured food bed.  Also has d-rings along edges for attaching seats to convert to a kayak.  We carry two different inflation systems for SUP, bikes and tires if needed.

Tables-  Outside system by Organized Obie that allows a table, basket and net bag to be mounted to the sliding door. Rear interior table is original equipment with modified mounting leg options. Cutting board modified as custom front table.

Top *- 1984 VW with an Adventure fiberglass top.  Switched the Westfalia pop-top with the Adventure top. With a few modifications.

Transmission – Rebuilt by AZ Transaxle.  Upon first rebuild replaced 4th gear. Second rebuild replaced 2, 3 and 4 and installed a peloquin style unit for limited slip. New transmission housing and full rebuild installed January 2017.

Water heater*-  On demand, propane water heater : Aqua Cube by Mr. Heater, that draws from any water source. Uses propane from spare tank or main tank with custom-built gas lines.

Water- Replaced water tank with a 20-gallon tank designed by AT Overland Equipment. Cabinets modified to accommodate.  We also carry a 5 gallon plastic jug inside and 5 galling jug of water on the exterior.

Wheels– New tires on 15 inch Mercedes rims. Spare wheel/tire mounted on rear rack.

(* asterisk indicates that a post has been dedicated to this topic)

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