Truck and camper modifications

This is a list of the modifications and changes that have been made to the truck and camper.   If you click on the colored (green) words it will open in a new window to show the modification.

If there is something that is not covered here, send us a note and ask…. we will be happy to respond with more info!

The truck is a 2013 GMC 2500HD 4×4 with a 6.0L gas engine and an automatic transmission.

The camper is a 2005 Northstar Arrow 8.5.



Custom aluminum chassis mount frame

Air bags

Grill guard

Nerf bars

Rear seat removed

Back seat storage box with locking drawers and cabinets

Auxiliary battery shared with camper charged by alternator and solar


Sway bar

Extra leaf spring  

Seat covers

Rear slider window for access to camper

12 ton bottle jack for emergency lifting


Bed frame- IKEA ladder style frame

New mattress

Cabinet latches from plastic catch to magnetic catch

Fridge removal

Stove hood removal

Microwave removal

Valance and curtain removal

Privacy curtain removal

Medicine cabinet removal

Solar—email us for detail

Map behind stove

Steel beside stove

Peg board inside pantry

Cut larger opening near sink, finish trim

Shoe cabinet under shower area, finish trim

Rebuild cabinet door above bed to accommodate higher mattress

Remove stereo panel, replace with wood and steel panel

Engel refrigerator

Custom hanging drawers mounted under cabinets

Remove sliding door on bathroom

Add shower curtain on track

Paint inside new cabinet opening above sink

Paint overbed panel that formerly held speakers

Bulletin board near couch

Magazine rack near bed

Bulletin board near bed

Sliding drawer unit in space over sink

Sliding drawer unit in pantry

New doors on microwave and fridge openings

USB/car charger installed in multiple locations

Clever cabinet door handles in a few locations

Flush mount hallway light

Finish clothes closet walls in balsa wood

Adhesive tile on floor in clothes closet

Metal racks in pantry

Removed TV stand

Multispray shower handle

Towel hanger in bathroom

Towel bar above back door

Lightweight bamboo shelves in large closet, formerly fridge

Lightweight wire sliding shelves in pantry closet

Side storage boxes with locking cabinets

Dual 6v battery system charged by alternator and solar

Side marker lights

Inverter 12v to 110v

Fiamma awning

Second water tank for drinking water only- linked to faucet at sink

Rear deck attached with chains and receiver hitch mount

Custom rear steps to access rear deck

Rear awning

Rotopax spare gas can mounted to ladder

Custom paint on sides and rear

Custom paint on sides and rear

Sand ladders mounted to sides of frame

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  1. Enjoyed visiting here. Not sure if you hit Oaxaca yet. We were there for Christmas. It was magical. Could you do a tour of your new camper at some point? Would love to see how you have set it up. .

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