Bay of Fundy area

Our arrival was uneventful. We did not even arouse enough suspicion for a search at the border. But he did ask if we had pepper spray, and I could answer with a solid “NO”. I just hope no one finds the foil wrapped package in the zipper bag hidden under a log back in Maine, … More Bay of Fundy area

Where have they been?

The answer to “Where have they been?” is almost as interesting as “Where are they going?”  Here is a little graphic to indicate the places we have been thus far.  Click on the photo to make it larger!

Florida finale’

We whipped around the tip of the peninsula and had an amazing time!  Our toes got stuck in the sand for several days in The Keys.  And then we dashed up the East coast of The Sunshine State as things started heating up.  The photos below will tell the story of the Florida finale’ through … More Florida finale’