In the Louisiana swamps and bayous!

We drove out of Texas and started to see sunshine!  Finally the skies had some blue and we could open a few windows.  It took us over three weeks to get there, but finally….. Louisiana!welcome to louisiana

We had another small ferry ride to get across an intercoastal waterway- but these folks did not care about our auxiliary fuel tanks! ferry in Louisiana  We headed straight for Palmetto Island State Park, which turned out to be a great place to spend some time. camped palmetto island In addition to free washer/dryer set up and hot showers this park had some good dog walking trails.   seri walking in palmetto as well as some armadillos armadillo   and really cool lizards that could camouflage themselves to look like the leaves on the tree.   lizard

But the real highlight was that the park was hosting a gathering of the Latanier Cookers! (LAW-tan-yeah) This is a group of folks that gather once a month to practice new recipes for their dutch ovens.Unknown Their motto is-   Meeting, greeting, cooking and eating! And that is exactly what they did. They share the results of their cooking with anyone that wants to stand in line to eat!  So, naturally we volunteered!  dutch oven cooking and the results were wonderful!  dutch oven buffet That piece of bacon is actually layered and baked on top of cornbread.  My favorite was the mac and cheese or maybe the baked sweet and spicy apples (a blend of sugar and tabasco).  I even won a door prize- a Bacon Bowl maker for a microwave.  Since we do not have a microwave, this prize will be mailed to Ryan!

Now we are on to the Atchafalaya Swamp near Baton Rouge.  Remember to sign up using the “FOLLOW” button so you can get these posts sent directly to your email account.


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  1. Geneva, Mike – If you’re going to be in New Orleans this week…. Fran will be at the Sheraton, 500 Canal Street until Thursday afternoon for a conference. He says it would be great to meet up for lunch or dinner or something

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