Alta’s mods and features at 76 days before departure – the VW Vanagon

Name plate from original AdventureWagen high top, now mounted on dash.

adventurewagensign frontbox

Front tool box, custom mounted on a tray made in Rocky Point, Mexico
Bed removedCabinet removed cabinet work cabinetremoval

Mike has become an expert at cabinet removal.  And while they were out, Geneva installed insulation and sound deadener.


Working in the shop in Clarkdale.  Formerly BB’s Project VW

genevainshop1 mikeinshop mikeinshop2nuts an

Netting across the bed area.  This will keep smelly, wet, shedding dogs off of our bedding each day.

Netting in back new steering wheel

Custom installation of a steering wheel off of a 1974 VW Bug/Beetle/Sedan/Type 1

Reverse light

A reverse light or work light that operates on a toggle switch on the dash.

Trans drain plug

Transmission drain plug during a flush and fill.  Is this a problem?

Tred decks

Tred  recovery ramps are drilled into the side of the van and tucked away behind the ladder.  Multipurpose items can be a sand ladder, mud traction, mini-bridge, shovel or leveling chock.  Hope we don’t have to use, glad we have them if we need them.



These two items will (hopefully) deter folks from reaching in to the van or tampering with our belongings.  Or at least, warn the literate that they are about to be barked at, growled at and possibly nipped.

sliderdomelight  sliderdomelight1


A factory style dome light, activated by the pressure of the slider door.  Perfect for dark nights when your hands are full of dog leashes or other…..   More to come soon……. we spend every weekend in Clarkdale working on designs and modifications!

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