More Vanagon modifications and accessories!

I will not go into too much explanation.  Here are some photos of additional features we have added to the van in the final steps before departure.  These include oversize water tank, cabinet over stove, window crank to clear speaker, bathroom bag, Aluminess box on back-end, new/old stock fan with two-speed motor, vents in the high top, hole for a safe to be inserted in, broom holder on ceiling, top painted with RVKool paint, dogs (hahahaha), a netting across the door to keep dogs in or out, a breadbox as a cabinet, a cute custom handle, requisite parking lot naps, the new license plate, curtain tie back, screens that cover the sun roof. photo 1-2 photo 3-2 photo 4 photo 5  new cabinet oversize water tank water tank 20 gallons window crank bathroom bag 2 rear end shot spice rack 1 two fans different overcab vent paper towels and sun roof shades table adjustable pegboard half painted hole for safe painting top paintingtop sideview sideveiew1 over cab vent toppainted broom on the ceiling CGENGO1

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