The Countdown Begins

February 2014 is here.  We are now less than 12 months from departure.  I hope to be diligent about posting information about this process.  Be patient with me, as I am new to this process….. blogging and vanishing!

Since the beginning of my teaching career (at the young age of 21) I have known that I would retire before I turned 50.  Many interesting twists and turns have come up along the way, but I am back on track to hit that target.

Mike started his work in the education field fairly young also.  He was always with an employer that participated in a state retirement plan.  With careful buy-backs and timing he is able to hit the retirement points at the beautiful age of 55.

With well paced state retirement drawdowns, and wise/cautious investments- we are in a position to fully retire in January 2015.  We will hit the road in Alta and travel full time.  Our plans include the South, the East, the far North Americas and then down the Pan American Highway to South America.

But before we can embark, we must close some chapters here.  The house must go on the market in March 2014.   There is much to do with regards to finances, vehicles, titles, addresses, accounts and our belongings.   I will blog about much of that- because either you are interested and curious OR it will benefit you when you tackle it yourself.

But as I said above, be patient with me through this process.  I am new to blogging and new to vanishing.  Both take skill to become proficient!

One thought on “The Countdown Begins

  1. Are you ready for your epic road trip yet? Don’t you want to take some students with you? I just picture you flying down the highway tossing all your worldly possessions out the window and laughing hysterically. Good image 🙂

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