Guanajuato- continued

While we are hanging out with our friends The Slow Dutchman , we will spend some time exploring the city of Guanajuato.  The four of us (and three dogs) rented a house for several weeks and enrolled in Spanish language school.  For fun, we signed up for a food tour and walked around the city sampling delicious foods and learning … More Guanajuato- continued

Florida finale’

We whipped around the tip of the peninsula and had an amazing time!  Our toes got stuck in the sand for several days in The Keys.  And then we dashed up the East coast of The Sunshine State as things started heating up.  The photos below will tell the story of the Florida finale’ through … More Florida finale’

Working our way across the “Deep South” of the USA!

We have been in 4 states in the past week, and they all have a few things in common: 1. bugs  (gnats, mosquitos, maybugs, spiders, ticks) 2. rain (unexpected, sneak attacks of good, hard rain) 3. thick, lush greenery (lawns, shrubs, roadsides, swamps, bayous, campgrounds) 4. raccoons (waiting until we are all asleep to begin their thievery … More Working our way across the “Deep South” of the USA!

New Mexico to Big Bend

After a few days of spending too much time at the border, we were ready for some tourist attractions. This area does not disappoint! We used iOverlander (great app for finding camping and other resources while on the road) to locate Pancho Villa State Park.   This is the location of a battle that never … More New Mexico to Big Bend