Houston, it’s a wrap!

We spent our last few days in Houston meeting some great people, eating some good food and seeing some interesting places.  Here are a few of our highlights!

Among the Tex-Mex dishes we sampled, this one left a mark.  A stuffed, fried avocado!! fried stuffed avocadoThis is a half of an avocado, peeled.  Stuffed with chunks of seasoned chicken and grated cheese.  Then rolled in a breading and deep fried.  WOW!!


We attended an installment of the community concert series and listened to the a cappella sounds of the Swingles Singers. swingle singers They are named after a man named Ward Swingle that started the group in the 60s!  A very interesting performance.


We attended a meeting of the Texas Vanagons group. ironic meeting place Ironically the meeting was held at a place named Cottonwood (the name of town I grew up in).  It was great to see the vans in the parking lot Texas vanagons meetup and meet the great folks that drive them!  vanagon plate  I hope this group continues to meet, camp and share helpful ideas.  Vanagons are like kids- sometimes it takes a village to raise them!

We also went to the famed Johnson Space Center aka NASA.  You have heard of this before — “Houston, we have a problem….”  It is a great museum and we took the requisite silly photos. mike at NASAnasa genevanasa 3nasa 2nasa 1

And one more in the parking lot, next to a huge over-landing rig from Alemania/Germany.nasa parking lot

Then we rolled on South to Galveston.  There we learned that you cannot get into the National Park campground without a reservation, you cannot sleep overnight anywhere along the ocean and you cannot get on the ferry with visible gas cans!  So we paid an exorbitant price for an RV park and disassembled the gas cans from the rooftop rack!  We will try the ferry to Port Bolivar in the morning (with tanks hidden inside) and then on to the swamps of Louisiana!




One thought on “Houston, it’s a wrap!

  1. Mike’s uncle, Tom Markley, worked at the Space Center, yes, in the late sixties during the most exciting time and the disasters. Didn’t know if he knew. Uncle Tom always brought souvenirs when he and Aunt Mary visited with Dwight, Gretchen and Keith.

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