Bay of Fundy area

Our arrival was uneventful. We did not even arouse enough suspicion for a search at the border. But he did ask if we had pepper spray, and I could answer with a solid “NO”. I just hope no one finds the foil wrapped package in the zipper bag hidden under a log back in Maine, … More Bay of Fundy area

Where’s Woodstock?

We flew through several states in a short amount of time on our way towards Boston. Somewhere near upstate New York the navigator of slowcarfasthouse realized that we were near the site of the original Woodstock festival. After some quick research and a few phone calls we found a city camping area in Hurleyville NY. … More Where’s Woodstock?

Tennessee VW Event-

We rolled in to East Ridge, Tennessee pretty late at night. It wasn’t hard to find the collection of VW’s, even in the dark. They were gathered in a gritty parking lot, camped in all manner of chaos. All of the campers awaiting the opening of Bug-A-Paluza 17 the next morning. We joined ranks and … More Tennessee VW Event-

Georgia on my mind

Leaving Florida took much longer than expected. And it took a piece of us! We loved the scenery, the beaches and the wonderful people we met while we were there. We did not love the difficulty finding reasonable camping and the general expense of things from food to RV parks. But Georgia snapped us quickly … More Georgia on my mind