The end of the earth!

January 2023- Argentina Okay, maybe not the end of the earth, but certainly the end of the continent.  We had reached the Southernmost point of the Americas.  South Americas roads end in Ushuaia, Argentina – and we drove there!  This is a photo of Ushuaia at night and in the morning.  Due to the location, … More The end of the earth!

Repairing a leaf spring

January 2023- Chile/Argentina We made it across the international border between Argentina and Chile just before sunset.  It was a long windy wait, but this cliffside campsite was awaiting us.  We spent a windy, yet peaceful night there.  Overlooking the ocean was fantastic.  And in the night the full moon peeked through the clouds offering … More Repairing a leaf spring

Underwater dreams and Mennonites speaking Spanish!

Argentina- December 2022 The end of the calendar year is closing in on us, and we found ourselves in nearly the center of Argentina!  I suspect that not many travelers go this way, as there are few support services.  But using iOverlander app and some navigational logic we were able to find two very interesting … More Underwater dreams and Mennonites speaking Spanish!

Uruguay- briefly!

December 2022   With all the dog paperwork prepared, we were ready to cross the border to Uruguay from Argentina.  This was to be a quick visit, as we didn’t find much we wanted to see or do there.  But some hot springs and an interesting cannery tour lie ahead.  But first, a detour to … More Uruguay- briefly!

Argentina- adding the flag and winning the cup!

December 2022- We entered Argentina at a tiny border crossing, off of a ferry boat. After a full day of heat, travel and paperwork we were ready to relax.  We found a quiet riverside campsite and had some delicious deserts. Then we found more mission ruins!   These Jesuit missions were created before the present country … More Argentina- adding the flag and winning the cup!