Road Trip USA- Part 2

March 2021 In the prior post we discussed our packing and early travels with Big Bertha.   We continued across the USA, on a trajectory to visit with family and friends. Due to the size of Big Bertha, we found ourselves parked frequently at formal, paid campsites.  This was not our usual routine, and it … More Road Trip USA- Part 2

Road Trip USA

March 2021 With Big Bertha loaded up we were ready to escape Florida and plan a route to Arizona to visit friends and family.  We started in New Orleans, but it was not quite it’s usual raucous self.  COVID had many businesses closed and crazy visitors at home.  We found some live music and we … More Road Trip USA

Leaving Brazil, really!

March 2021 Apparently we were not supposed to ship the truck and camper back to the USA and miss the last five countries in South America.  When it came close to time to leave Brazil, she decided she was NOT going on that cargo ship.  (read the last post by clicking here-  So we … More Leaving Brazil, really!

While we are in Brazil, let’s see if we can get in to Uruguay.

While we hung out in Southern Brazil (state of Rio do Sul) we realized that we were extremely close to the Uruguay border.  We had heard about the pandemic border closures, but we hadn’t see it for ourselves. So what the heck, we packed up the camper and took a trip to check it out. … More While we are in Brazil, let’s see if we can get in to Uruguay.

Doing stuff while “stuck” in Brazil

We first arrived in Brazil back in November.  During that time we crossed the Amazon and rode on a sugar barge for DAYS…..  (click here to see the story) Then we visited Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana and crossed back in to Brazil in January.  We explored the northern section of Brazil and had some … More Doing stuff while “stuck” in Brazil