As far south as we can go……

January 2023- Argentina

We spent a few nights beside various lakes on the next leg of our journey.  One was calm and peaceful.  The juxtaposition of the sky, earth and water created an optical illusion.  First I will show you the photo that confuses the minds eye.

Then, the photo that helps you sort out what you are actually seeing.  Notice that we are looking out the back door of the camper, across a very still pond of water.  This photo includes the interior of the camper, and Pacha’s head, as well as the reflection of the sky in the calm, clear water!

We left the crazy winds of The Pampas and began climbing the mountains.  We were officially in Tierra del Fuego. Temperatures changed, as did the scenery.

One more lakeside campsite lay between us and the big goal of so many Panamerican Highway Travelers. The proverbial, end of the road.  We had many emotions as we came closer.


Then suddenly, there it was!  The iconic photo opportunity.  The sign that so many travelers before us have shared on their media.  The image that we once thought signaled the end of our journey.  Our emotions ran high as we tried to sort through our feelings about arriving here.  I won’t deny that a few tears were shed.  And a huge feeling of “now what” settled in.  Nonetheless, we celebrated and took way too many photos for you to look at!


The black pins are the stops pre-COVID.

The yellow pins are the stops post-COVID.

Seven years-

80,000 miles-

Five dogs-

Twenty-one countries-

Two different rigs-

Six overnight guests-

One passport (each)-

Over 50 border crossings-

One blog website-

We have completed the PanAmerican Highway,  We have driven from Alaska to Ushuaia.   Thank you for joining us on this incredible experience.  And please continue to follow this page as we figure out where we will go from here!

11 thoughts on “As far south as we can go……

  1. All I can say is WOW. Been traveling with you and both sets of doggies for awhile now. So glad I did. I have enjoyed the trip so much. Cant wait to see where you guys go next.

  2. Congratulations! And, awesome! We are following in your path. As we read your iOverlander entries from pre-Covid, we find we totally align with your choices, impressions, and experiences in Colombia and Ecuador so far! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Mike & Geneva on achieving such an ambitious goal! What a journey you’ve had!! We look forward to hearing what you decide to do next. Viajes Felices!

  4. YIKES! You have completed MY OWN trip, while I’m still in Alaska, dreaming about doing it. Thank you for all your blog posts that have carried me along with you in spirit. But I’m jealous anyway… and now I’m probably too old anyway. I’m glad I can still drive and walk, so I’m not complaining. But my bucket list is sure getting shorter. Bless you and congratulations!
    Kristin in Alaska

  5. Great end to a long story. But happened between January and June??

  6. Congratulations on your amazing journey. I enjoyed armchair traveling with you. Can’t wait to see where we’re going next!!!

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