Volcanic (thermal) hot pools in Guatemala-

Fuentes Georgina’s is a treasure that is hidden in the fertile hillsides and canyons of Guatemala in the Quetzaltenango Department.  This area is one of the most productive regions of the country.  A look across the hills shows the patchwork colors of a variety of crops. agriculture everywhere The drive to the hot pools passed through small villages as the S-curves climbed up the side of a dormant volcano.  Along each side of the road were fields, workers, sprinklers and food production taking place.  Everyone smiled and waved as we passed by!

The road passed over an active fumarole area, where the sulphur and steam can be seen hissing out on the sheer rock face.  The road is bumpy and wavy, as the heat from the earth melds the asphalt roadway.  When we arrived at the end of the road, we were waved over to a wide spot in the road where we would park for the night.  parking lot campsite The steam and heat from the springs has transformed the canyons into a rainforest-like setting.  Notice the size of the leaves that hang from the cliff above our camper.  The photos below show the water trickling over the edge of the cliff just behind where we were parked.

We wandered through the area and looked at a small coffee shop, a tiny store, a little restaurant and the rental bungalows.  We did not see inside the rooms, but we were told that each concrete bungalow has a fireplace and a private soaking pool.  At the for end of the canyon is another set of hot pools.  This area had numerous families soaking when we arrived. family pool  But near the camper we had a hot pool to soak in which had no other guests.  It felt like our own private pool! private hot pool1 The views from the soaking pool were incredible.  Gazing off into the canyons and valleys was our entertainment as the clouds rolled through and the colors changed.  beautiful views1

And the way the setting sun lit up the next volcano was truly magical. beautiful views  We soaked several times during our visit to Fuentes Georgina’s.  The bottom of the pool is smooth rocks set in concrete.  The edges of the pool are raw, rough stone cliffs.  In some areas the stones have scalding hot water seeping through their pores.  This is part of what makes up the thermally heated pools.  There is also icy, cold, spring water soaking into the pools from some of the cliff walls.  As we glided through the water we could feel the temperature inversions on our skin.  It was a beautiful, relaxing experience.

Spending two nights at Fuentes Georgina’s was one of the highlights of our time in Guatemala.  Getting there is a challenge, leaving there is also a challenge! A private, thermal hot pool just steps from the camper door is very hard to drive away from. parked at hot pool And the views out our windows were pretty good too! beautifulviews But we have more to see and do in this amazing country.  So we packed up and headed on down the road for more fun and adventure in Guatemala.  Keep following this blog to read more stories.  Sign up to have them sent to your email box as soon as they are published.  We never sell or share your address.  But we don’t want you to miss any of the photos or stories.  And remember, we love hearing from you!

Adios, Fuentes Georgina’s, you were lovely!

5 thoughts on “Volcanic (thermal) hot pools in Guatemala-

  1. Once again, thanks for your travelogue. The writing is great and photos outstanding.

  2. Wow, those views are amazing! And with the kind of trip you are on, you can always head back there at some point. You’re right, having that thermal pool right next to the camper – I wouldn’t leave either!!

  3. The posts and photos just keep getting better and better. We are so excited to check out all these places. Thanks so much for sharing.

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