Austin, Texas

Upon leaving Big Bend we made a stop in Del Rio, Texas. This cute little town is just across the river from the famous “Heard it on the X” radio station!  Our hosts were great folks who we found on the website They offered us a cozy overnight, out of the howling Texas wind.  If you have a parking space on your property, consider listing it there.  You might meet some nutty folks like us someday!

We drove the back roads and small highways towards Austin.  Passing through an area that is known for hunting exotic game.  trash rack ranch exotics

And apparently known for illegal labor practices!


But the most notable thing about this stretch of driving was the ice that formed!  The rain was cold, the wind was colder and we upped the wind chill by poking along at 55mph.  All of that led to a build up of ice that we have never seen before.  Look at the ice casing on the locks, the bars of the ladder, and the jack.  Notice the icicles formed all along the bottom edges!  Alta was cold, and wishing for the beaches of Baja- but she pushed on through the storm and into Austin, Texas!

Stopped to break ice off the wiper blades so they will wipe the windshield!
Stopped to break ice off the wiper blades so they will wipe the windshield!

ice wagenice wagen 1icewagen 2

icewagen 3Austin Texas was made even more awesome by the great people that hosted slowcarfasthouse.  Ken reached out through the website and invited us to stop by.  That turned in to a couple of days and some great conversations.  Ken and Cari offered us a great camp spot on their land in Dripping Springs (outside of Austin).

camp zeigler1camp zeigler







We learned about oak wilt and cement batch plants and went to a Texas Stars hockey game and enjoyed several good meals.  Mike and Ken had great discussions about the project he is working on  ken zeiglers project vanand carefully steered clear of politics (yeah, right)!  It was tough to say goodbye to such wonderful people, but the road calls and we had Vanagon folks to meet in Houston!  Off we roll…….

It is so cold on the ground that the cacti have jumped into the trees!
It is so cold on the ground that the cacti have jumped into the trees!


3 thoughts on “Austin, Texas

  1. winter just doesn’t want to leave. Nice to meet face to face people you have met blogging. glad you had a good time

  2. Wish I had realized you were heading to Austin. Many friends there. One meetup buddy lives on Lake Travis, though Dripping Springs is an great location. Mother and sister live in Houston. You are where I want to be. 🙂 Hope you have time to enjoy more of the hill country area. Ronnie drove to Austin one time years ago in an ice storm with his firebird. His rear spoiler literally was 6″ taller by the time he made it to Austin. One time he had to stop and knock the ice out from underneath the wheel wells as the ice build up was affecting his turning radius. TX weather can be crazy… Loving your stories. Wishing I could join in for a bit. Be safe and communicate often with Mike away. Your River Friend Theresa.

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