Time flies. Transaxles don’t.

It is October 1 and where has the time gone?  Departure date has been October 4 since the plan was finalized.  And there it is, just a few days away.  But, alas…… the transmission rebuild is stalled and our next move is unclear.  We really thought that it would be ready/installed/tested/torqued and on the road within 6 weeks.  But the ways of the universe and the transaxle rebuilders are complex.  So we need to make some decisions.   Sometimes you must just trust that the love of the universe is sending signals and controlling destiny.

The van has been the focus of our attention for the past three weeks.  Every day is filled with modifications, packing, installing and prepping for October 4.  The van is ready.  The dogs are ready.  We are ready.  But with a loaner transmission in the rig, we are tethered to a VW shop in Prescott awaiting the call and the 6 hours in their repair bay.

However, regardless of how this part of the situation plays out…… we are moving two adults and three dogs into Alta the van on Saturday October 4 as planned.  We may hover around this area while we wait.  Or we take a few Arizona exploration road trips that we just never got around to before.  But we are moving in and moving on.  All this prep work will now come to action.  Hold on dogs….. this van is on the move.

We are crazy in love with each other.  We adore our goofy dogs.  We enjoy our time together.  We have enough savings to be secure, comfortable and impulsive.  And we have plenty of time!!

Keep watching this blog to see where we end up.  We will post pictures and info soon!




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