Today began the journey of a vasillador! The term has been lifted with a nod to the great John Steinbeck. He introduced us to it in the book “Travels With Charley”. In that book, he and his dog decided to vasillande across the USA. By most translations, it means to wander about- not aimlessly but with no particular place to go. Much like Chuck Berry sang- Ridin’ along in my automobile- my baby beside me at the wheel…. cruisin’ and playing the radio-with no particular place to go.

We wanted to push the rig hard. To test the new transmission on some long hills. Challenge the suspension work on some rough roads. And heat up the cooling system and engine with some desert heat. So we did all of that! We travelled up the Zane Gray Highway and onto the backwoods edge of the Mogollon Rim. Then down into and back out of the Salt River Canyon. Finally seeking hot springs (using an outdated book) down numerous dirt roads near San Carlos, Eden and Safford. So far the systems have performed perfectly and we are resting easy at a hot springs location near Lebanon, Arizona.
Tomorrow we will mosey through Arivaipa Canyon and cruise around around the base of Mt Graham. Maybe even climb that 10,000 foot peak (in Alta of course). Then we shall see where the highway leads us. The draw of the tide and the call of the sea is strong and the beaches of Mexico are not far away. Once the trust is solid, perhaps we shall vasillande towards the ocean.


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