Restyle the domicile due to Odile??

The post title is a tricky little rhyme, but the issue is very real.  We have spent a lot of time planning our October 4 departure for Baja.  Then some pesky hurricane stormed through and smashed things up down there.  It’s not that we mind some rough roads, and reduced services.  But we really do not want to be a burden on the societal issues that are happening.  We are just not sure if our measly tourist dollars will be offset by our need for food and water.  Will we be another 5 mouths to feed during a time of hardship- or a set of hands that can help rebuild.  Would we be a help or a hindrance?

4 thoughts on “Restyle the domicile due to Odile??

  1. I felt the same way in Uganda. People giving up their resources for you, but you know they need it more. What helped me realize our purpose was seeing how much they WANTED us there. If your life was in tragedy, you would happily share your water just to have someone there. Someone helping and acknowledging your hardship. Maybe contact the Red Cross and see what advice they can give you?

  2. Go to the Interior – let them repair in Baja – and then go give tourist dollars in Baja when they have themselves more in order.

  3. You have many talents and could bring them to help……by then some of the chaos will be over and rebuilding will begin.

  4. My gut says that, maybe right now, they don’t need more people there. There may be places less traumatized that you could help though.

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