Argentina, Mendoza region-

May 23-



While most of our readers are probably not familiar with the geography of South America, a quick glance at the map shows that Argentina borders several countries.  This particular time we entered from Chile into the Mendoza region, which is roughly the center of Argentina.


After a bathroom break at an old train bridge, we went on to explore a rock bridge called the Inca Bridge.  It is not Incan at all, but was used to help herds of goats and sheep across the flowing creek.  The dogs enjoyed checking the area for smells.  As we were traveling with friends, you can see the two rigs framed in the arc of the bridge!

We also paused to look at the Inca Hot Springs.  These may have been enjoyed by the Inca, but were developed by Colonial settlers and troops.  As you can see, the minerals of the water have taken over the improvements and the facilities are no longer in use. But the sign was an interesting reflection on the Inca Trail that passed by this location en route from Peru.

Around the Mendoza area, wine is the tourist trade. We are not huge wine fans, but we did locate some delicious and fancy food.  Fancy flowers, beautiful colors and delicious shawarma all graced our table during this time.

We camped near a large, receding lake for a couple of nights.  There were many geoacaches nearby to be hunted.  Some successfully, some not!  Geneva relaxed in her new, fuzzy, wookie-suit while the dogs enjoyed the warm sunshine.

Then we drove into the foothills above the lake to visit Jerome Brewery.  An old hippie-gal from Jerome, Arizona has to see the Jerome Brewery in Argentina!  This place is actually named after a dog named Jerome and has a great history. Shirts and souvenirs were purchased for friends and family back in Arizona.

We stealth camped in a park one night.  Unfortunately we awoke to find a flat tire.  Apparently a slow leak went on through the night.  But the area security guard and others were quick to help.  Mike pulled the tire off and was promptly taken to a shop for a patch. Once it was back on we were rolling again!

There was a childrens museum in the park where we camped, so Mike had to pose for a photo near the doorway dinosaur.

And another night we parked on a street named Calle Catan.  By sleeping on the street with that name, does that make us the Settlers of Catan?  (silly pun, referencing a game)

Stay with us as we enjoy a few more oddities on the western side of Argentina.


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  1. There is a nice camp ground in Mendoza next to an old casino with a huge swimming pool

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