Guanajuato activities and goodbye!

Guanajuato was a great city for us to spend four weeks in.   When we promised ourselves that we would be back, we had no idea that we would enjoy it so much.  In addition to our Spanish language classes at La Adelitas we always found events going on and things to fill our time.  Here is a link to the school we attended

Each morning Mike woke up early and walked the dogs. He found a path to get out of the city and into some open space where to dogs could be off leash. walking dogs outside city.jpg

The views from up there were amazing. Guanajuato is a very unique and beautiful city.  city view 1.JPG

One day we took our Spanish teacher along and went geocaching.  (Learn about it here, a new window will open- Geocaching )  This was a special treat because there are not as many accessible geocaches in Mexico as we are accustomed to during our travels. It was also special because The Slow Dutchmen joined us on this hunt- and we found 3 out of 4 of the caches we were hunting for! geocaching with the dutchies.jpg

When the dogs were bored, we walked to the carniceria (meat store) just a few shops away from the house. We could pick up a bag of 3 large bones for just 10 pesos. (About 75 cents) Here is a photo of Seri walking behind me.  She is so interested in the bag of bones I am carrying that I don’t even need a leash to lead her back to the house. She is following the scent in the bag!  seri following bones.jpg

The annual event called Espiral was taking place during our last week in Guanajuato. This included cinema, dance, music and more. We watched one of the musical shows on the steps of the University of Guanajuato.  Espiral watching music.JPG

We had a lot of fun hanging out together and enjoying the city.  It was great to be able to spend so much time with Bram and Evi of  The Slow Dutchman  hanging with b.jpghanging with mike.jpg

And of course, two to three dog walks a day meant that Mike had a lot of fun with the dogs. mike and zeb on a walk.jpgdog walk almost a forest.JPG

One day we went to the Mercado Hidalgo. I regret that the photos of the colors, the crowds and the commerce did not turn out well enough to share. But photos could not have expressed the incredible sights and smells and sounds of this giant building packed full of stands selling anything you could need. The one photo that turned out was this image of a tienda/puesto/stall selling white magic products. You could purchase powders, potions, balms, talismans, charms and more. Each product was unclearly labeled, attempting to help your love life, your employment status, your longevity and more. It was fascinating to read them, but I may have lingered too long- I think I creeped out the vendor!white magic at market.jpg

The dogs spent their spare time (In between walks and vet trips) hanging out on the beautiful patio of the house we rented. Here is a photo of Zeb and Seri exchanging a kiss….. and then Seri looking at me as if saying “YUCK, I kissed him” seri and zeb kissing.JPGseri and zeb after a kiss.JPG

Towards the end we began to grow restless. We wanted to see some mountains, valleys, pueblos and water features.  It was time to pack up the camper and hit the road again. We said goodbye (for now) to our friends The Slow Dutchman and drove away from Guanajuato.   goodbye for now.JPGWe had fulfilled our promise from nearly 16 years ago and returned to this wonderful city.  This time we slipped into the rhythms, events and colors and truly grew to love Guanajuato.  Maybe we will return again someday! city view.JPG

If you are following, you know that this blog post is out of sync with the others.  I apologize for the delay.  Things have been going on.  But keep following along to see where we went next and what amazing adventures we found.


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  1. How is Zeb doing without Seri? And isn’t there a little dog too? Hope you two are well. Hugs!

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