No more “vanilla” camper! Look at this artwork…..

A long week in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico culminated in a beautiful new look for the camper and truck!  We posted a need for an artist on the local Facebook page.  Many responses came in, but only one followed through.  We met Israel and showed him a few designs and discussed ideas.  He really understood what we were hoping to do and I loved his interpretation of the images I shared.

Geneva removed all the decals that were on the side of the camper.  Israel taped over the windows and openings.  And the work started.

He began on the drivers side.  IMG_1358 While Israel was painting the mural, we stripped and cleaned the aluminum frame and also the rims.  We painted those black.  We also painted the rear wings of the camper black, to carry out the line of the storage boxes.  IMG_1362IMG_1364IMG_1365IMG_1374.JPG17362942_10155105046948735_3662784844343990621_n.jpgIMG_1454 The final results looked amazing!  It took approximately 7 hours of work time to finish painting the mural on this side of the camper.   The next blog post will show the passenger side artwork.  Remember to sign up to “follow” on the blog so you can receive updates as soon as they are published.


4 thoughts on “No more “vanilla” camper! Look at this artwork…..

  1. We looked at wraps. The price is crazy and with all the intrusions it was time intensive. This was quicker and cheaper and included a few days on the beach. Take a run to Rocky Point and get yours customized! He can truly paint anything that you can envision.

  2. I have thought about doing a wrap on the cab over nose section on mine. I just have my website decal on the nose (along with the camper decal) for now though. Your camper looks great!

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