Working our way across the “Deep South” of the USA!

We have been in 4 states in the past week, and they all have a few things in common: 1. bugs  (gnats, mosquitos, maybugs, spiders, ticks) 2. rain (unexpected, sneak attacks of good, hard rain) 3. thick, lush greenery (lawns, shrubs, roadsides, swamps, bayous, campgrounds) 4. raccoons (waiting until we are all asleep to begin their thievery … More Working our way across the “Deep South” of the USA!

Biloxi and a VW show!

When traveling along the road we sometimes find some great opportunities.  This was one of them.  Things all worked out perfectly for us to arrive in Biloxi in time to relax for a day at a beautiful campsite  and enjoy the bayou near our campground.  We walked the dogs all around.  Rode our bikes throughout the park … More Biloxi and a VW show!

Houston, it’s a wrap!

We spent our last few days in Houston meeting some great people, eating some good food and seeing some interesting places.  Here are a few of our highlights! Among the Tex-Mex dishes we sampled, this one left a mark.  A stuffed, fried avocado!! This is a half of an avocado, peeled.  Stuffed with chunks of seasoned … More Houston, it’s a wrap!