Biloxi and a VW show!

When traveling along the road we sometimes find some great opportunities.  This was one of them.  Things all worked out perfectly for us to arrive in Biloxi in time to relax for a day at a beautiful campsite biloxi camp and enjoy the bayou near our campground.  We walked the dogs all around.  Rode our bikes throughout the park and even spotted the local alligator  Biloxi bayou  (made you look! he is not in that photo)  biloxi camp1

Then on Saturday we rolled in to the mall and registered for the Mississippi Gulf Coast VW Club event.  It was a great show, with a lot of fun cars to look at.

biloxi show1

There were not many buses or vans at the show, but it was great to meet the folks and hang out for the day! biloxi show    Thanks for the fun, Biloxi and the MS Gulf Coast VW group!  biloxi show 2

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