A long pause in Cape Cod

Where has the slow house gone?  All quiet on the postings, lately!?

Alta has been relegated to Home Depot dashes and furniture hauling!  We have accepted a fun offer from friends, and are spending some time working on two “cottages” in Cape Cod!  This means we are sleeping in real beds, using indoor plumbing and have a full-sized kitchen to prepare dinner in!

I use the term “cottage” in quotation marks, because neither is small or quaint.  IMG_4425 but instead large, comfortable and in need of our attention.  We have enjoyed doing tasks such as carrying out a bunch of excess furniture, selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist lampsand sorting over 300 pieces of glassware.  dishes  Mike also took some time to tune up our bicycles. cape cod gray house and we even got a few trips on the SUP board in the Hyannis harbor area cape paddleboard mango   We made several trips to the nearby beach, which we quickly learned is managed by a series of intense rules. hyannis beach ruleshyannis beach rules 1 and even the beaches that are not managed by the city have guidelines and expectations. zeb private beach.  But this didn’t stop us from having a lot of great relaxation and down time.  One thing we learned is that traveling dogs are more comfortable sleeping in small, confined spaces – so they opted to sleep in the closet of the master bedroom traveling dogs sleep in closets We also were reminded that they are very attached to their humans.  Perhaps because we spend all day, every day together in the van when we are on the road, they cannot let me out of their sight when I happen to go to disappear into the restroom in these big homes are you done yet And of course, they follow me up and down the stairs and in and out of the bedrooms as I move furniture around!  Fortunately these places are attached by a large, open yard and the dogs get to follow us outside, where they can roll in the grass and sniff around. cape cod white house table   The houses also came with a fun car for us to use for local transportation.  Mike looks hilarious stepping out of this cruiser in his Mexican serape and flip-flops cape cod jaguar and flip flops but we certainly have appreciated having a car to drive Mikes father to some doctors appointments.  T

The homes are located near the town cemetery, so our dog walks included some interesting headstone exploration. cape cod cemetary  But staying at these houses for a few weeks also supported us through a well-planned surprise!  Geneva and Mango were able to fly to Arizona and know that Mike and the big dogs were hanging out in comfort and security.  mango ready to fly to az Mango was loaded into a pet backpack and started on her surprise journey  mango en route to az  with Geneva in tow.  They arrived and snuck up on Geneva’s mother (found her in the laundromat) for a terrific surprise!! 11224378_10153323364493735_6434033804725061898_n  The visit will provide an opportunity to hang out with Geneva’s mom, go to a graduation party for some friends and attend the graduation ceremony of the high school that Geneva used to own/operate  (Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy http://www.northpointacademy.org ).  It is going to be a special visit and a great chance to reconnect with a few people while in Arizona!   Meanwhile, Mike and the big dogs will hang out in Cape Cod and continue working on the houses.

And for now, http://www.slowcarfasthouse.com is taking a break from the road!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I used to vacation on the Cape, and the house pictured is a beautiful example of the Cape Codder home. And such a perfect time of the year for that! Wish I could share in that fun….love those reorganization/re-do type of jobs. Somehow it’s easier to work on others’ houses rather than my own!

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