Bay of Fundy area

Our arrival was uneventful. We did not even arouse enough suspicion for a search at the border. But he did ask if we had pepper spray, and I could answer with a solid “NO”. I just hope no one finds the foil wrapped package in the zipper bag hidden under a log back in Maine, as it will look very much like a homemade bomb. I can just imagine the thrill it will cause for the local police force in “small town USA”. Fortunately I used my Geocaching experience and hid it very well.

As we arrived in the first town, we stopped at the Canadian information office for coupons and suggestions. And then changed some money. They have beautiful, colorful money here, but they are begging folks to please, stop Spocking the $5.00 bills. Click on this link to read it-  stop spocking our money  Canada money exchange

We stayed a night in St. Andrews and a night in Saint John. Both had nice campgrounds right in town. We drove around a bit and also rode our bikes. I found this funny sign on a post. Apparently bikers are neither male nor female bikers have their own category But we found the real beauty in the Bay of Fundy National Park. What a great location, with amazing views all around.Fundy Bay tide out bluffs Although it rained all day the first day, we were able to grab a park-placed geocache and purchase our Canadian National Parks pass for future stops along our route!

Mike took the dogs for a hike along the Salmon River. Salmon river hike Fundy national park which meets the sea at this location and forms the beautiful bay. There is a small town there named Alma. From the national park campground on the hill we could see the little harbor and the beautiful bluffs. Each day the tides change by about 15 feet.   Low tide leaves the colorful boats high and dry. Bay of Fundy

We took the dogs on a short hike along a small creek.Dogs at Fundy Natl Parkand then we went on a longer hike to view Dickson Falls. Dickson Falls Fundy Natl Park and grabbed a geocache along the way. Since Fundy is where we dug in to the last of our deliciously amazing Fontana coffee (see previous post, Houston) we put a Fontana sticker into the cache container. Fontana in Fundy Natl Park geocache

The campground is perched high on a bluff above the town of Alma. It is the perfect vantage point to watch the fog move in and out each day. Bay of Fundy foggy day Bay of Fundy clear day

We have so much more to see in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. But this has been a terrific stop for a few days of exploration.

3 thoughts on “Bay of Fundy area

  1. No. Oddly enough you can have pepper spray- but you cannot bring it. You can bring “bear spray” but that comes in a large can apparently. These were tiny, pocket sized cans. I am not sure about the rationale, but I know they asked and would have taken it away (with a fine if you do not divulge that you have it!)

  2. What’s the back story on the pepper spray? Is it verboten in Canada?

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