Tennessee VW Event-

We rolled in to East Ridge, Tennessee pretty late at night.Tennessee welcomes you It wasn’t hard to find the collection of VW’s, even in the dark. They were gathered in a gritty parking lot, camped in all manner of chaos. All of the campers awaiting the opening of Bug-A-Paluza 17 the next morning. We joined ranks and spent the night.

At sun-up we entered the show grounds and registered for the event. With 1800 miles between us and home, we figured we would win “furthest distance.”.   As there were only a handful of Vanagons we thought we might win our category. We set up our show camp-site and talked to people all day long. A steady steam of curious folks came by to look at our rig and tell us about theirs. vw show tennessee

We learned that this show typically has over 300 cars. This time the weather held it to 200. We learned that in nearby Knoxville there is a VW assembly plant that makes Passats and employees a large number of people. The VW plant will be sponsoring this show next year. chatanooga area VW car show We met good, kind people from all the states around there. We handed out cards and stickers and chatted until we were exhausted. Then we left for a campground at nearby Raccoon Mountain. raccon mountain tennessee

Later we learned that we did not win “furthest distance”. Someone came from Hawaii. We did not win in our class/category, Vanagon. Someone had a beautiful, original, pristine Vanagon that earned it.  We did win first place for “Best Camp Site”. The trophy is in the mail.

4 thoughts on “Tennessee VW Event-

  1. How ironic that they give a trophy….to fit where when you are travelling??? I’d prefer cash!

  2. Sounds like fun, am I waiting for a trophy ??? Love you, Mom
    PS. I am enjoying my flowers they smell great !!! : ) thanks !!!!

    Mom, Sent from my iPad

  3. Geneva;

    In the small world department – we went camping with our kids at Racoon Mountain back about 1984. It was a good trip except that Larry’s rather prissy daughter who was about nine at the time refused to use road side outhouses and there were no other options so she had an utter melt down. My other good memory of that area is doing a 10 day backpack trip with a group of college students at the Big South Fork close to Oneida, Tennessee. GORGEOUS country that reminds me a lot of the scenery from the movie Last of the Mohicans. You are in a lovely place. Enjoy every minute of it!


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