Peru- Cusco

  Cusco is a very special city.  It represents much history and also much progress.  It is the gateway to many wonderful sites that we have shared with you previously.  And it remains a bustling, productive city that introduces many visitors to the charms of Peru.   Cusco has an elaborate and complete bus service … More Peru- Cusco

Peru- The Cordillera Blanca and an amazing blue lake.

Leaving the edge of the Amazon meant leaving the lush, wet jungle behind us.  After that sketchy looking ferry across the river (click HERE to see that story) , the surroundings started to change quickly. We looked ahead on the map and realized we would be crossing the Andes on some rough, desolate dirt roads.  … More Peru- The Cordillera Blanca and an amazing blue lake.

Ecuador- Daily life and history combined.

This country is rich with indigenous heritage.  The various cultures (tribes) are respected and honored with positions in the government and opportunities to improve their communities.  Many traditions and practices continue to be a part of their daily lives.  Raising, cooking and eating cuy is one of those traditions.  Cuy (in the USA we call … More Ecuador- Daily life and history combined.

Ecuador- The Baños area

Baños is a bustling town built in a volcanic valley.  The weather is nearly perfect year-round.  The main business is tourism, and everything revolves around that income.  Good restaurants, thermal pool spas, massage parlors, night clubs, a few parks and a beautiful church.  The cathedral is the central point in town, as always. And while … More Ecuador- The Baños area