America and Lincoln, Argentina

December 2022

After a brief run through the edge of Uruguay we were back in Argentina to have a peaceful new year.  We just have a few days left with our Korean/Latino son, Myungsu and we want to make the best of them.  Swimming, nature and a big city for the fun.

Our campsite offered open grassy areas for the dogs to play, and benches for us (and Pacha) to use!  Horses wandered through occasionally. The huge trees near us were nesting homes to giant flocks of large green parrots.  Their nests were the size of a refrigerator!  And when they arrive home each evening, the noise is deafening.

We selected this spot in order to visit a local water park.  This one offered a selection of hot and cold pools, as well as snacks and picnic areas.  It was Christmas day, so it wasn’t very busy.  Myungsu snapped this photo of us, on the phone with each of our precious grandbabies for Merry Christmas wishes.

Keep in mind that in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is in the middle of their summer season!  The green grass, warm air and swimming may seem strange to our USA friends and family, but in this area Santa wears shorts and tank tops!


We had hopes of taking Myungsu to Patagonia or Tierra del Fuego with us, but Argentina is huge, and the miles roll by slowly.  We simply could not get there before he had to return to his responsibilities.  So our final stop together was in the city of Rosario, Argentina.  This city has a rich, political history and rough local edge to it.

We continued our attempts at geocaching while visiting a huge local monument.  The dogs enjoyed the long walks.  For a large city, this one was surprisingly dog friendly and easy to navigate.  We found waterfront parking, delicious restaurants and even a collection of Beatles memorabilia on display!  And we said goodbye to our boy, as we sent him away on the bus.

Back to just the four of us on the road felt a little strange. We stopped at two places using North American names: on was to see a museum and the other to try yet another geocache.   The geocache was supposed to be near the train tracks at an old abandoned train stop named America.   Maybe the geocache-drought has lifted, because we actually found this cache!! Not only did we find it, but according to the log with were FTF!! Tucked into a rusty, old bolt was the magical cache log!

Then, just because we were passing by and it captured our curiosity, we stopped at Lincoln, Argentina.  Why would a South American city be named Lincoln?  We knew the answer would lie at the city museum.  And there it was!  A decree by the legislature picked the next city application to be named in honor of the assassinated President of the USA.  What an interesting memorialization.

One more museum along the way showed us the carapace of the largest glyptodon we have ever seen.  We did not even know what a glyptodon was, let along that they were once larger than humans.  Did you know?

This is a prehistoric Armadillo shell.

We have some more interesting things ahead to share with you.  We found an underwater city and we are getting closer to the end of the American continent.  Are you still riding with us?   Have you signed up to “follow” this blog so you get the updates by email?

Let’s go!


5 thoughts on “America and Lincoln, Argentina

  1. What a nice story! It would be great to hear more about what you ate at the regional restaurants !

  2. On your way down to Mendoza camp at the old casino campground with the 10 acre pool. On Ruta 40. Loved you blog and yearning for more

  3. Yes! I love following you, and that you include us armchair homebound RVers to go with you.
    Unbelievable the things you can find.

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