Colombia/Ecuador border crossing

There is a crisis going on in this part of the world.  While you may have heard a little bit on the USA news stations, it is much larger than most of us can imagine.  It is in the country of Venezuela and it is impacting every country in this region.

As thousands of Venezuelans attempt to flee the crisis in their home country, seeking employment, lodging and an affordable existence, they are overloading the borders with need.  The issue is much more complex than I will explain here.  And it changes nearly every day!  So you can do a little bit of research and learn more.

I will share some photos of how Ecuador is handling the influx of immigrants who want to come into or come across their country.  This is one way that a nation chooses to cope with a humanitarian crisis and aid foreigners.

border line colombian.jpg
Border line for Venezuelans with proper paperwork to enter Ecuador.  Wait time- aprox 6 hours.
border line venezuelan.jpg
Border line for Venezuelans without complete paperwork or with family members who do not have papers.  Wait time- 8 to 36 hours. 
border line up for help
Aid station operated by Unicef and Red Cross to assist Venezuelans with health issues, food needs, immunizations, paperwork and anything else they can do to help.
border aid from red cross.jpg
Additional services of Red Cross include help making phone calls and charging of cell phone batteries so the immigrants can check in with friends and families back home.
border ready for lines.JPG
Although they are empty today, these canopies were erected to give the border crossers some protection from the powerful rains that pass through this area regularly.
border rest station.jpg
These large tents were erected to offer a chance to rest to children crossing with their mothers and pregnant or lactating women.  You can see a pile of fresh, wrapped mattresses. 
border offices spot the sticker.JPG
And of course, as we crossed the border we had to leave behind a sticker.  Can you spot it?


8 thoughts on “Colombia/Ecuador border crossing

  1. You have been on our minds more than usual as the Venezuelan crisis continues. This weeks revolation of Secty. Bolton’s note of “5000 troops to Columbia” is frightening. Keep spreading your positive influence and energy. Show the world that not all Americans are as crazy and vicious as the current White House. Stay safe.

  2. We found the sticker. Can you please tell us how long it took you and your family to cross border.

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