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Near the town of Rio Verde in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico there is a strange phenomenon.   As you drive towards it you can feel the desert temperatures climb, and then the humidity begins to rise.  The first sign that you are getting near is a swift flowing canal of water.  Then the trees get taller and greener.  And as you pull into the huge parking lot of Media Luna you realize that you are under the shade canopy of tall, old, mesquite trees.   camp media luna.JPG

Media Luna is a well-managed balneario based on a  natural water source.  It is a freshwater lagoon, in the middle of the desert.  It is a hole in the ground which has a strong and steady flow of lukewarm mineral water.  It is a place for families to swim, picnic, camp and even scuba dive.  It is a strange phenomenon.  So we had to go explore it ourselves!

media luna water.jpg
The “lazy river” swimming area at Media Luna.  Mineral rich water provides the blueish color.

palapas inside media luna.JPG


media luna shade.jpg
Families camped along the walkways and lazy river area.

Once we paid the fees and entered the grounds, we found a well-managed facility with many options for visitors.  We had decided that we would snorkel.  So we passed by the slow, lazy river area and headed to the wooden deck alongside the deep water hole.



this hole is media luna.jpg
The main “lake” at Media Luna – which is not really a lake but the blow hole of a warm water spring.

We put on our gear and entered the water.  We snorkeled around this large hole, looking at submerged trees, lily pads and fish.  We enjoyed the temperate water and felt the thermoclines as the river water blended with the spring water.  The water was incredibly clear and free of debris.


clear water snorkeled there.jpg
Looking straight down into 20 feet of water.  Notice the clarity!

After we snorkeled and swam, we returned to our FREE parking lot camp site.  We hung our hammocks in the trees and tried to capture every passing breeze.  The temps were hot and the air was still.  It was a rough night for sleeping!  media luna hammocks.JPG

parking lot camp.JPG

The next morning we headed in to town for fuel, food and water.  On our way through town we spotted this truck.  As you glance at this photo, be sure to locate TWO black dogs going for a ride.  dogs surfing on truck.jpg

Thanks for following along with us as we checked out Media Luna.  We have more strange stuff just down the highway…….. watch for the next post!

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  1. Sounds great, other than the heat & humidity. Can’t wait for the next post!

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