Xilitla and the concrete vision of Edward James

Xilitla is the town that is located nearest an unusual concrete wonderland in the rainforest of Mexico in the state of San Luis Potosi.  The actual sculpture garden is located just outside of town and is called Las Pozas.  It has been referred to as a “surrealist Xanadu” but we found it to be somewhat of a mix between Arcosanti and Eliphante  (two unique places to visit in Arizona) but on a much larger scale and tucked away in a humid, rainforest jungle of Mexico instead of a hot, Arizona desert.  The website for Las Pozas, Xilitla will open in a new window if you click here.  This website tells a bit about the history and offers some good photos of Las Pozas.  It is worth a look.  At least that’s what we figured when several people told us about the place, so we went to have a look. cinema room.jpg

We camped at Finca Santa Monica.  This is a large, grassy location that is better suited to tents than truck campers or RV’s.  In  order to get electricity to run the AC, we had to park in the driveway near the house.  According to iOverlander, several other travelers  had the same experience so it must be the norm there.  driveway camp.jpg The driveway was a steep hill with a flat area at the top.  It worked for two nights and the AC kept the dogs cool during the day while we were out exploring, and allowed us to sleep comfortably in the heat and humidity at night.  Fans just would not move enough air to keep things where we wanted them.

Above our “campsite” loomed a large tree with stuff hanging from the branches.  At sunrise and sunset the stuff came to life as large black and red birds exited and entered their nests.  The nests hung loosely and swayed in the breezes all day long.  It was quite a raucous and interesting sight to see when the birds were coming and going! birds and birdnests  The rainforest hung thick and hot on this mountainside.  The trees and vines had taken over vast areas of the mountain.  And the undergrowth was too thick to pass through.  Each landowner was working hard to fight back the growth and retain their space.  rainforest.jpg

Even the roadway seemed to have to push back the tendrils of vines and the budding new growth trying claim some space.  We walked the dogs along the dirt road a few times a day. It was here that we began to notice Seri struggle with breathing and walking.  We assumed it was the humidity- or perhaps we hoped it was.   (Here is the link to the post about Seri it will open in a new window)  walking dogs.JPG

Exploring Las Pozas included a walk down a dirt road to the nearby gates and then paying an entry fee to gain access into the protected area.  cascada gates.jpgmain gates.jpgWe wandered through the gardens in awe ….. and drenched in sweat.  The humidity and stillness was incredible.  The size is difficult to grasp, because the rainforest is working hard to take over the structures.  But the link above will give more info and photos about the place.  Here are some photos of a few of the crazy structures.

star gate geneva peeking out.jpghuge concrete structures.jpg the pozas.jpgwas painted at one time.jpgrooms and decorations.jpg

bamboo roomconcrete hands.jpg     After our tour we walked down to town for comida corrida.  We enjoyed the typical local dinner and looked at the cute buildings along the way.  cute hostel

The next day we headed for the dry desert near Zimapan.  That is where we left our sweet, old dog, Seri.  The next blog post will be about the beautiful, healing waters of Grutas Tolontango.  You will be amazed by the color of the water at this place.  If you like what you see, send us a note or write a comment (sorry for the sign up hassles) and share the link to the website with a friend!

7 thoughts on “Xilitla and the concrete vision of Edward James

  1. It looks like an M. C. Escher painting!
    Didn’t mean for it to be anonymous.

  2. They were much smaller than I anticipated (having seen a postcard in town). Maybe 12 inches tall. I could not put my hand there for comparison, as they were behind chicken wire. I had to align the camera lens just right.

  3. Still enjoying the posts. Wed we leave az for wa for the summer. Radiation finished Monday.

  4. Incredible! Once again, thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  5. Wow! What an amazing place to visit and have the opportunity to see. I love it…except not the heat and humidity.

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