In the cool mountains of Mexico

After a great time exploring the abandoned mining area and the wonderful pueblo of Mineral de Pozos we were ready for a change.  We left the high desert and headed up into the mountains.  The Sierra Alvarez area has some great opportunities for boondocking (off grid camping).  No services, no fees, no hassles.   We found one such spot after creaking and rocking up a narrow dirt road.

Once we were parked, we hiked around a bit and enjoyed the views.  The area was rocky with a collection of huge maguey (a type of yucca) and also junipers, pines and even a variety of magnolia tree.  sierra alvarez.jpg In the valley below our camp site was a VERY SMALL village with a church and a few houses.  Mike took off one of the bikes and rode down the hill to check things out.  He encountered this huge hog, grazing on the side of the road.  The hog never even looked at him.hog grazing.JPG He also saw the locals having a chat over the fence.  Notice the cowboy on the horse, towing a donkey and being followed by a pack of dogs!  That may be a traffic towing a donkey and three dogsSmall town life.  But I must emphasize, this town was so small that there was only one little tienda and no other services.   ( a tienda is a shack, usually in front of or attached to a family home, that sells chips, sodas, water and limited food products )  The decorations hanging overhead led to the tiny church, which had celebrated their patron saint the weekend before.  If you read my other posts you know that these religious celebrations can include festivals, parades, fireworks and family fun! I am sorry we missed this one.

From the village, Mike turned back and took this photo of the camper perched way up on the hillside.  I am sure the villagers watched us for entertainment!see the camper from the pueblo below.jpg But then he had to ride his bike back up that hill!  Good thing we have a shower on board!

While we were  hanging out at camp he took the opportunity to clean off the solar panels and replace some screws on the hatch cover.  cleaning solar panels.JPG working on the roof hatch.JPGThis turned out to be a great place to relax in the peace and quiet of the cool mountain breezes.  We sat under the awning and enjoyed meals, looked at maps and gazed out over the valleys below.  dinner set up.JPG We tried to slow our pace a little and take the time to notice the tiny details around us.  tiny flower.JPG a house in the distance.jpg  Our visitors at camp included three cows, numerous birds and a truck load of locals.  The locals stopped by to ask us to not leave any trash and take care of the place.  Not a problem, as we found no trash when we arrived and we left none when we departed.

Leaving this spot was tough, because the weather was nearly perfect and the solar panels were keeping the fans going.  The next destination (moving off the mountains) might not be so comfortable.

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  1. You got to watch those trees branches. You’ll end up with a hole poked in your roof or side.

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