Juneau, Alaska

This city brings me to deep thought. Everything here has been delivered by plane or ferry. EVERYTHING!!

There are no roads that lead to the capital city of Alaska. Yet they have Costco, two supermarkets, a Walmart, a courthouse, a vibrant and bustling downtown area and the infrastructure to support a population of 33, 000 Alaskans and up to 4 cruise ships of 8 to 10 thousand passengers each day!! It is impressive in this regard.

Another impressive feature here is the Mendenhall Glacier. Mendenhall Glacier a hasty retreat This powerful formation is beating a hasty retreat, and the visitor center minces no words in telling us that it is due to global climate change. It is retreating 400 feet each year.  If you want to see this thing in your lifetime, hurry and get here! Mendenhall and peaks

We experienced the climate that Juneau is known for, rainforest A drizzly day at the glacier

We spent one night on the shores of Mendenhall Lake but even when the weather cleared I could not persuade Mike to get out the paddleboard.Mendenhall LakeBut the campground was in a beautiful location.  The next night we camped hear Eagle River and watched a beautiful sunset over the icy peaks in the distance.Eagle River near Juneau

After requisite stops at the Red Dog Saloon, Mexican food restaurant, grocery store and gas, we are off to the next port of the Inside Passage tour. Up next, Sitka.

6 thoughts on “Juneau, Alaska

  1. Iceland is fantastic! (we rented a KuKu camper and toured around) but Alaska is amazing. We also really liked Yukon Territory. You must keep that on your list, as you criss-cross in and out along the border of Alaska. The journey here really made the trip… beautiful stuff.

  2. Beautiful! We have a summer in Alaska at the top of our list for the year we retire… counting the days! One of our big to-do list items is to get to the places SOON that are most affected by global warming. Anywhere glaciated (Alaska, Iceland) definitely counts!

  3. Strange to think that there are no roads to get there. Beautiful area though.

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