Waiting to board our cruise ship-

Our final day in Juneau included some cool tours. We visited NOAA and took a “behind-the-scenes” trip through their services and facilities. They do incredible work with the Alaskan fisheries, weather and much more. They currently devote a huge amount of material and time to climate change effects. As they said, “it is not about whether or not it happened, it IS happening and we need to know what the impacts will be” NOAA lab NOAA lab1

Near NOAA is a University of Alaska campus (they have a partnership) On the wall is a fantastic metal sculpture on the wall outside. These photos barely show the quality of the workmanship. cool metal sculpture cool metal sculpture1

Our final stop was the Chapel of Saint Therese. Made in the early 1900s of local rock. It was beautiful and a perfect ending to our time in Juneau. beautiful church

Time to embark on the poor-mans-cruise of the Inside Passage.

Next up-




Prince Rupert

And then South to the USA (route TBD)

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  1. Another interesting route is to disembark at Bella Coola rather than Prince Rupert. It’s a most interesting road inland from there!

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