Leaving the Yukon – Juneau bound

The time has come for us to leave the Yukon. This is the last time we will cross that border and our last glimpse of this wonderful Canadian Territory.  The next time we are in Canada will be in Southwest British Columbia.

We spent our last night in the Yukon Territory at a boondocking site near Destruction Bay Glacial peaks near Destruction Bay Yukonand headed to Haines, Alaska. It was a beautiful glacial riverbed with views of the snowy Kluane Mountain Range. Kluane Range of snowy mountains

Along the way we ran into some travelers that we have been leapfrogging with since way back in October! Here is a photo of us with Perky Mog! Meeting Perky Mog

We sat in line to board our first Alaskan Ferry, bound for the Inside Passage. Driving on to ferryWe planned to weave through this unique part of Alaska which is connected only by ferry or plane. We would see Juneau, Sitka and Petersburg and end our ferry route in Saint Rupert, Canada.

While waiting to drive on to the ferry, Mike decided he wanted to put the steering wheel on straighter and tighten it up to remove a little rattle.  Only in a VW……….Steering wheel repair in ferry line

Riding a ferry on the Inside Passage is said to be a “poor man’s cruise”.ferry view   More on that later…….

6 thoughts on “Leaving the Yukon – Juneau bound

  1. You are moving fast, which makes sense in terms of the upcoming fall weather, but I wish we could slow down….WE??? Sometimes it feels like I’m there, too. Must be, in my heart.

  2. Such an exciting journey you guys are on. I tell people about you and you can tell they are jealous. Getting to see so much beauty.

  3. If you spend some time in Juneau (where we live) and want to wild camp at a place where there are great trails and room to run for the dogs, then drive out to the end of North Douglas Hyw. Camp on the way out or at the end.
    Fish Creek is that way too, should be full of salmon right now.

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