Tombstone, Yukon Territory- WOW!!

Tombstone, Yukon Territory is a beautiful territorial park, which was designated around a collection of tundra and tiaga zones in some amazing mountains. Remember learning about the various zones in a science class? Well, they are all here! Tombstone is located about 45 miles up the Dempster Highway.   While that may sound like a reasonable passage, it is NOT the type of highway you are familiar with.

The Dempster Highway is dirt.Dempster Highway It is desolate. Dempster hiqhway warningThis highway is the only road that leads to the furthest North settlement in Yukon, Inuvik and to get there it passes the Arctic Circle. The road is either wet, sloppy, sticky, clay-like mud or dry, dusty, throat-searing dirt.

We got mud.

dempster highway van driving

The fall colors have begun to settle in to Tombstone. The aspen and elm have changed their leaves to a brilliant yellow. The fireweed is in full color. The spruce are dark green and powerful in their odd boojum-like stature. tombstone spruce trees And the ground cover includes red berries on green leaves, grayish lichen, richly colored green moss and small red-leafed plants. Even on a cloudy day the colors are vibrant and bright! Tombstone fall colors

dempster highway soft shoulder

2 thoughts on “Tombstone, Yukon Territory- WOW!!

  1. Funny feeling to drive past the “Lose all hope” signs!

    On 8/30/15, It’s not a slow car, it’s a fast house!

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