Hanging out in Nova Scotia

After a few days of tourist fun in Halifax, we were ready to get out of the city. Our first stop was a community lobster supper at St. Anne’s Church. This was a fun event that included a book sale, a sucker draw, a ticket pull, a tag sale and baked goods in addition to a lobster dinner. We arrived about an hour into the event, and we were assigned numbers 250 and 251. waiting to be called for dinner at St. Annes That meant sitting in the pews waiting for quite a while. (they ended up selling almost 500 dinners) When our number was called, we sat amongst the locals at the long dinner tables and enjoyed a huge helping of lobster, potato salad, squares and pie. Lots of lobster suppers at St. Annes The whole meal cost us about $28.00 (US equivalent) and was a larger serving of yummy food than a lobster dinner at a fancy restaurant in the US! Then we met up with a couple that had contacted us through Facebook. The VW community is always so welcoming and friendly. And these folks went far beyond! We followed them home (see cute dog in rear window) dog in a bus ns and then out to their cottage at Shaw’s Lake. in a van following a bus lake view, van buttThere we played with the paddleboard geneva and seri on board in NS and browsed the nearby Little Free Library little library shaws lake ns The next day we looked around their cute village and photographed the huge hummingbird. middle mus ns hummingbirdmiddle musquodoboit hummingbird  We also toured the CSA farm that they participate with. csa farm visit 1 csa farm visit 2 csa farm visit 3 csa farm visit 4 csa farm visit 5 csa farm visit 6 old truck ns canada And helped some motorists with an empty gas tank. The village newspaper interviewed us. We had a couple of wonderful dinners with our hosts and plenty of time just hanging around talking. Even a few hours in the sun, working on VWs together was a part of the fun. Two days seemed like our limit to us humans, but Zeb decided otherwise. The morning we were scheduled to leave he wanted to meet a Canadian veterinarian so he took a taste of a porcupine. zeb and porcupine those arent toothpicks zeb. We pulled most of the quills ourselves, but the ones inside his mouth required medical attention. The expense of cleaning up this mess helped us decide that we are not going to make it to Newfoundland. So we spent an extra day at the cottage at Shaws Lake shaws lake marina and enjoyed the lake once again. dillmans cottage at shaws lake ns mike and zeb on board at shaws lake ns It was truly enjoyable to connect with these great people and spend time with them. The world gets smaller when you find the wonderful folks in it! Thom and Anne are certainly some of the kindest hearted individuals we have ever met. diamond and alta at shaws lake NS Now we are off to Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island. Remember to go back and add your email address so updates are sent directly to you, if you want to follow our adventures. Thanks for the comments, feedback and invitations. We do appreciate hearing from people.

2 thoughts on “Hanging out in Nova Scotia

  1. Awesome adventures, and small, small world. Our engine in our 81 Westy went in NS at the end of may. Stranded there for 3 weeks and some amazing people took us in. Also interviewed by a local paper haha Enjoy Cape Breton it’s beautiful and safe travels!

  2. I am continuing to enjoy reading about your adventures. Yikes! If at all possible, Newfoundland is not to be missed. There is no place like it in North America – stunning, wild, and wonderful. I traversed it a couple of years ago in our ’82 Vanagon. Amazing!

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