257 days on the road!

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We have been on the road for 257 days.  This map shows the route and a pin drop at each overnight location.  Using the program “pocket map” Mike is able to log our travels and write a passage about each days events.  This moving diary is a fun reflection on the places, events and people.  It also helps us remember things when we sit down to talk about certain occurrences.

stickers 1This is the rear, passenger side window of the van.  It has been sealed with paint on the outside, and insulation plus pegboard on the inside.   Then it became a moving chronicle of some of the places we visited.  This is just SOME of the amazing stops, sights, sounds and activities.  This colorful collection is fun for us to look at when we are stopped, as we remember the incredible opportunities that we have found. The sticker-story is to be read from lower corner, left to right, then second row left to right, etc.  Here is a list of the stickers that are shown:

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Big Bend National Park

Kennedy Space Center- Houston

Bahia Honda State Park – Florida Keys

Key West – Florida

Everglades National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Yorktown Battlefield National Park

Assateague Island National Park

Hershey Chocolate Factory, PA

Woodstock , Bethel Woods NY

Cape Cod National Seashore

Ben and Jerry’s Factory, VT

Cryptozoology Museum Portland ME

Fundy Provincial Park- Canada

Maritime Auto Museum – Canada

Nova Scotia – Canada

One thought on “257 days on the road!

  1. So awesome. And inspiring, thanks, guys. Giving me more courage to go and do something that isn’t the “norm” these days. Two days ’til Utah!

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