Nova Scotia, additional thoughts as we cross to Cape Breton.

We said goodbye to friends in middle Nova Scotia with some sadness. These two guys thom dillman nova scotia had a great day of working on their VWs together and spent a few days talking cars and dogs and wives and whatever guys talk about. saying goodbye to  friends

But it was fun to back to just the two of us on the road together, again. goofing around at shaw lake

We stopped at one last Nova Scotia Provincial Park Dogs in Nova Scotia park to look out across the countryside nova scotia countryside. We stopped at one cool old building.  cool old mason hall in nova scotiaThen we crossed the bridge to the Cape Breton area of Nova Scotia, bound for more beauty and adventures.  We are off to hang out with the “Capers”!

5 thoughts on “Nova Scotia, additional thoughts as we cross to Cape Breton.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Received “sticker” and placed it on rear window of van………………(the only sticker allowed)…..will send photo later.

    Enjoy the Cabot Trail……….a couple tips; do the trail counter clock-wise, you will get a better view – the trail is approximately 298kms (185 miles). You will be navigating sharp bends, steep descents and numerous stops…….in addition to “slow-moving” RV’s.

    Be sure to stop at the Chowder House in Neil’s Harbour for excellent seafood……………amongst other great and friendly places.

    Enjoy the trip!


  2. Right! We did not really explain that too well. I will go back and make some corrections so as not to confuse folks. I did describe it as an “area” in the final passage.
    We have LOVED this province. Everything about it has been so rewarding. And our experience on Cape Breton stayed just as fantastic. (post forthcoming)
    Thanks for reading and especially for commenting.

  3. Umm, you haven’t left Nova Scotia yet – Cape Breton is IN Nova Scotia. Sort of like Cape Cod is in Massachusetts, or Long Island is in New York State.
    Sorry, native son of Nova Scotia, just had to point this out. Glad you’re enjoying my home province!

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