Nova Scotia- we made it!

From a few days at Fundy National Park, the travel adventure began! Driving across the countryside on the back roads of New Brunswick was beautiful scenery. We grabbed a few geocaches along the way. We spotted a shoe tree shoe tree new brunswick We went into the city of Moncton for groceries and checked out a phenomenon called Magnetic Hill. See our Facebook page for a video of the van rolling backwards, uphill. (and a cute shot of Mango in the window) It is a strange, optical illusion that entertained us for at least 30 minutes. We camped for a night at a place we found on AirBandB (it isn’t just rooms for rent) indian hill farm nbThis was an old farmstead that is being reinvented by a young, college graduate. The barn is terrific, and the calm is fantastic, but the bugs are horrendous. indian hill farm 1indian hill farm 2

We left there and headed precisely in the wrong direction! Since we took a wrong turn anyway, we decided to see the Maritime Auto Museum that we had read about in our Speedway Guide (thanks Billy Sheppard). It was a fun little collection of old cars, motorcycles and memorabilia. Then we turned around and went the right way to Nova Scotia. nova scotia made it!

Halifax became another test of Mike’s city driving skills. Fortunately he is awesome! We found the Maritime Museum and the Greek Festival Halifax greek fest meal. The food at the festival was delicious, and bargain priced. But the real treat was a tour of the Greek Orthodox Church, narrated by Father Peter. greek church halifax ns We were amazed at the intricacies and Geneva even smiled for the camera in this photo! Geneva in a Greek Orthodox Church in Halifax We learned much about the religious traditions of this group, and discussed it for hours afterward.

The Maritime Provinces we are in are considered to be legally bilingual. Most signs, menus and labels are in both English and French. bilingual by law in Nova Scotia Here is a bottle of pampelmousse pampelmousse. Even the road markers and stop signs are in both French and English. When people greet us at museum counters they open with both “hello” and “bonjour” to see which reply you give. Then they converse in your chosen language. It is exciting to see a country embrace this diversity of language, which also extends to much cultural diversity.

We learned much more about the cultural diversity of Canada at a museum called Pier 21. This was the immigration processing station up until 1971. All persons wishing to immigrate to this country came through this location for a final check of papers, health and political/civil intentions. It was a fascinating story and another illustration of this countries ability to recognize the strengths in diversity. Even today, Canada welcomes immigrants with a relatively simple process to establish citizenship. There seems to be a belief that there are opportunities for the new arrivals to flourish and everyone can contribute to their country in some way. This refreshing look at “give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” brings an exciting energy to the streets, the shops and the cities. I am sure it also brings challenges to be managed, but from our glimpse thus far- they seem to be do it effectively!

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8 thoughts on “Nova Scotia- we made it!

  1. Nova Scotia has gorgeous gems. And Labrador has -unreal! – labradorite. You can send me some rough stones and score jewelry on the next time around!!

  2. Great to see you are enjoying Canada’s maritimes provinces……..try to go to a “church supper”…………..this area is on my bucket list for May/June will be following your posts. Enjoy!

  3. Great to see that you are enjoying Canada’s maritimes. This region is on my bucket list for May/June 2016………will take notes from your comments. Enjoy!

  4. Are you planning to drive the Cabot Trail? If you do you have to visit Meat Cove!!! Also Peggy’s Cove, and Lunenburg are must see spots as well!

  5. Can’t wait to see your photos of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland! That really is a cool thing that they greet you in both languages. Have a great time!

  6. So glad you’re enjoying Atlantic Canada, my favorite part of my country, having landed at Pier 21 myself many years ago. My own Westy seems to love Nova Scotia too. I’m even more pleased to see that you’re enjoying our diversity. The majority of us — but not all, I must admit — are proud of it and happy that it’s our way. Enjoy the rest of your trip. You MUST see Quebec City. But for real diversity, do visit Toronto.

  7. Your shoe tree brought back sweet memories of when we lived in Athena, Oregon and would often see a shoe tree near there. Hadn’t thought of that in years. Happy travels! We love reading your updates.


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