Made it to Boston on time!

Our purpose and reason for dashing to Boston by May 2 has worked out.  Whew, we made it! a reason to be in Boston Our beautiful niece had a Sunday appointment for her first communion and we were invited. a reason to be in Boston 1 It was an honor to watch a young lady take a step towards adulthood.

We camped in the front yard of Mike’s brother.  camp dedham  This put us right in the lap of suburban Boston.  The neighbors stared as they drove by and probably peered at us out of their windows!  But it allowed us to relax for a few days and catch up on some things.  Geneva got a few blog posts done and Mike got to work in his office!  mikes office

He did tackle some serious van-love tasks, though.  Including a new auxiliary battery and a shore power trickle charger for the battery system. electrical work

electrical work toda

He also tried to move the muffler over, so it would stop tapping against the frame/bumper brackets when we idle.  Or perhaps he is just taking a nap with Zeb in this photo? napping on the ground He also changed the brake pads in the van, again.  brakesWhy do our brakes squeal like a banshee when we come to a stop?  This is the second pair of brand new pads that sound awful!  Oh well, Mike is getting pretty darned good at changing brake pads!  brakes 1  And then after a few fun days with family in Boston, we were off to the Cape!  More on that story, later……..

2 thoughts on “Made it to Boston on time!

  1. My mechanic insists that some brake pads just squeal these days…not just when they’re wet or worn out. I’m no expert, so did they look bad when Mike changed them?

  2. Hi Guys, just wanted to also share that our grand daughter just had her 1st. communion this last Sat. Glad we were able to share that with her.
    Hope to see you in Flagstaff, but who knows if things will be together and running. ??

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