Giving away a bike.

Somehow we ended up with three bikes on board. Since the dogs refuse to ride a bike, we had one to get rid of. We have hauled it since Jacksonville looking for the right person to gift it to.

Near Bowling Green Kentucky we noticed a man walking with a bag in his hands near the grocery store we were headed to.   Then we saw him again (with a few more bags) near the gas station we were at. We realized that he might be the right person for the bike.

We pulled over in a parking lot and called him over. The man nervously approached with guarded eyes. Mike made the offer. The mans eyes softened. He toed the ground and said, “ I don’t got no money to give ya fer it.” Mike assured him that we wanted nothing for it. We just needed to get rid of it.

He helped Mike untangle it from the straps at the back of the van and talked of having to walk nearly 30 miles today. giving a bike away1 He apologetically stated that times get tough sometimes. Mike said “I don’t care if you sell it or what, we just need it gone.” He replied , “No sir, I’m a-gonna keep it!” He said it would make things a little easier for him. They adjusted the seat height and tightened the package rack.   He snapped on his shopping bags and rode away. giving a bike away2

We saw him again after we filled up at the gas station. He was waiting to cross the street. He waved. We waved. giving a bike away3

We had found the right person to give the bike to!

8 thoughts on “Giving away a bike.

  1. Wow! That was a beautiful thing to do. I shed a couple of tears. 🙂

  2. That is the best story I have read in a long time!!! That must have felt good. ( I do wonder why you had three bikes and how long it took to find the right person but….)

    Paula Brimhall


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