Transition to next phase-

We have officially transitioned to the next phase. We could call it DOWNSIZING v2.0. Possessions have dwindled to just a few key pieces of furniture, clothing, shoes, etc. We are no longer located at our former home. We are sort of camping at Geneva’s mothers house in Clarkdale, Arizona. That means we sleep in a motor home, walk across the yard to shower in the house and get dressed in a storage shed.
motor home

It works for now. We are putting the finishing touches on the van. Alta got new tires yesterday.  We love Prescott Tire Pros 

She got a new awning on Tuesday (and a solar panel, Trasharoo (which will carry our SUP) and propane mount bracket, more details on these later)  – the folks at AT Overland  are good people!

awning in the box




This transition time has allowed us to get accustomed to working remotely at each of our current jobs and balancing free time with business. We have enjoyed some afternoons on the Verde River and some busy mornings. It also has offered us the opportunity to hang out with my mother, who just had a minor surgery on her foot!

There is always lots going on at her house, as she has a dog, cats and turtles. This includes my childhood pet, Flower! Flower is an Eastern Box turtle that has been in our family for over 37 years!! She also lives in her house and takes it wherever she goes! )photo 2

Keep checking back (or sign up to follow us) for more updates as we move in to the final weeks of our time here. Thanks for your kind words of support in helping us through this. It is a little odd to feel the limbo- but things will work out perfectly in the long run!


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