Now it is seriously happening!

The house went on the market!  I came home from work today and there was a large, obtrusive sign at the corner.  Then the link shown here became active.  There is a lock box on the door.  People will soon be peering in our closets (not bare, but emptier than ever before) and looking in our laundry room (swept clean of dust bunnies, whittled down to just two laundry baskets).  We are hopeful that it will get a full price offer quickly, and then process smoothly.  In the meantime, we are living here with sparse furnishings, barren decor and basic amenities.  And you know what???  It works!  We have all the comforts we need- and way less *STUFF* to be concerned about.  

I will keep you informed about the progress of showing and selling.  Enjoy the photos at the virtual tour site!

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