Letting it happen

Sometimes in the process of change, you have to just let it happen.  That is where we are today.  We are in Rocky Point, Mexico at our little trailer on the beach.  The house is empty (but for the basics) and open for tours and showings.  We are letting it happen.  People are looking at the place and making comments, mulling over the price, the market, the value.  And we are here at the beach with toes in the sand, dogs chasing seagulls and contemplating the next steps we need to take towards departure.

Getting rid of nearly everything was a hard step.  As I have discussed here, it was emotionally challenging and even physically tiring sometimes.  It didn’t help that I got H1N1 right in the middle of the process.  But now that we have that behind us, the next steps to prepare for departure include banking, paperwork, titles, passports, visas, immunizations etc.   So the focus of this blog will shift to the documentation of those steps.   

And as for the sale of the house and the last of our possessions- we will just let it happen!

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