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The time has passed soooo quickly and things are nearly gone.  We are down to the basics in the cabinets- plates, cups, bowls, mugs for two people.  Today I sorted the cooking utensils.  It was fun to clean out that part of the kitchen.  As I touched each item I thought about the ways I had used them in the past.  Serving meals for large groups of friends and family or making fancy home made items.  Then I remembered why I saved them- the ideas of making biscuits with the biscuit cutter and fluted crusts for pies with the ruffle edge cutter.  I don’t think I need an egg timer or a basting brush any more.  I sure don’t need the small flat tool with scalloped edges to decorate fine birthday cakes.  I also can give away the cutting board that is so large (30″ x 30″) that it has to be stored in a place that I never see it.  That sort of sums up all this stuff- if I never see it, why am I keeping it?

Then there are the more personal items that are dwindling.  Why did I have three pairs of rain/snow boots?  I live in Arizona!  It does rain sometimes (today) and even snow.  But one pair of boots will get me through that “storm”.  So I shipped them off to my friend in Portland.  And while the box was open I tossed in another pair of shoes and some jewelry.  There is still plenty of that to go around.  That box was fun to mail, and I know she will be thrilled when she opens it!

Another interesting set of items to part with was my personalized stuff.  Growing up with a somewhat unusual first name meant that I never found my name on a license plate for my bike or a coffee mug at a truck stop.  But I had acquired quite a few “Geneva” items from my moms handiwork, special orders and even trips to Switzerland.  I started a “Geneva” box and tossed in all the items I came across.  When I had time, I found a person named Geneva on Facebook with a mutual friend.  I trolled through her page a bit and then messaged her with my offer.  She accepted and the box was sent.  I have not heard back yet, but a $30 shipping cost is easy compared to the hassle of storing a box full of “Geneva”.

Last weekend we delivered 3 bags of clothing items to the area women’s shelter.  I hope that is useful to someone.  We also got rid of hundreds of hangers and a box of misc household stuff.   A fun way to start is to grab a cardboard box and toss in 2 things from each room.  Then post the box (with a general description) on Craigslist or Freecycle and wait for a response.  It is very cathartic to watch someone else walk away with your stuff!  Someone even wanted the half- finished project that I had all the parts for!!

The next thing to tackle is the area under the bathroom sink and the medicine cabinet.  I am not sure that I need to keep a half-bottle of mouthwash, or a bar of soap that I did not like.  Any what to do with all the nail polish?  I have not polished nails in about 10 years!  The real challenge is the partial prescriptions for various maladies- stomach, cough, infection, pain, etc.  It seems wasteful to discard them when there are people in the world that cannot afford medication.  But there are laws that restrict the redistribution of them.  Too bad.  So I will research a “dump your drugs” location and get rid of all this medication.  And even the stuff that I bought to try to mend the flu or nurse a cold.  If I get ill, I know I will go buy a new box of the latest fad, so why keep all these from recent years?

I would love to keep telling you about the purging.  Because it is truly a freeing feeling.  But the dogs are looking at the open cabinet doors with curiosity, and I have much to do.  The real estate folks come on Monday for photos.  The open house starts next weekend.  I have work to do.

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