Where have they been?

The answer to “Where have they been?” is almost as interesting as “Where are they going?”  Here is a little graphic to indicate the places we have been thus far.  Click on the photo to make it larger!

Smoky Mountains, Appalachia, Blue Ridge Highway and Hot Springs

The man in the uniform approached us briskly. We hesitated, thinking surely he wasn’t looking for us! But apparently he was…… “Hey, are you the slowcarfasthouse people? I’ve read some of your blog and when I saw the van I said, drop me off here!” And that is how we met John a museum curator … More Smoky Mountains, Appalachia, Blue Ridge Highway and Hot Springs

Tennessee VW Event-

We rolled in to East Ridge, Tennessee pretty late at night. It wasn’t hard to find the collection of VW’s, even in the dark. They were gathered in a gritty parking lot, camped in all manner of chaos. All of the campers awaiting the opening of Bug-A-Paluza 17 the next morning. We joined ranks and … More Tennessee VW Event-

Georgia on my mind

Leaving Florida took much longer than expected. And it took a piece of us! We loved the scenery, the beaches and the wonderful people we met while we were there. We did not love the difficulty finding reasonable camping and the general expense of things from food to RV parks. But Georgia snapped us quickly … More Georgia on my mind

Florida finale’

We whipped around the tip of the peninsula and had an amazing time!  Our toes got stuck in the sand for several days in The Keys.  And then we dashed up the East coast of The Sunshine State as things started heating up.  The photos below will tell the story of the Florida finale’ through … More Florida finale’